Hurry, wake up.

What, what’s going on?

We need to get moving.


The enemy is here.

What, here with us?

Yes, now we must be moving forward.

But where are we going.

To the front.

The front, huh, wait, what front?

The front, where the battle is taking place.

What, if there’s a battle going on we need to get out of here, why can’t we just leave? I don’t know how to fight.

Yes, yes  you do and fight you must. The enemy has surrounded us and spies have already infiltrated our  camp.

But, I don’t know how to fight.

Do not fear, just stay by my side and use the weapons of your warfare.

But there are only the two of us, and already I can hear them coming towards us, we will be destroyed.

No, that is where you are wrong my young friend. Open your eyes and you will see the glorious army that has been sent for our deliverance.

But I can only see the darkness, where are our deliverers?

No, you don’t understand. When you use the eyes of your mind you will see only fear, you need to open the eyes of your heart if you are to see by faith.

I still can’t see anything.

Be still my friend, be still, do not fear. I am by your side, now look, but only with the eyes of your heart.

I think I see something.

What is it that you see.

I don’t know, it’s small, but they look like tiny lights, hundreds of them, no thousands.

Keep looking.

They’re starting to look bigger, or is it closer, I don’t know. They look like many jewels.

Keep looking.

Wait! They’re not jewels at all. They’re lights, they are the brilliance of thousands of warriors dressed in armour that shines with the intensity of the midday sun. Are they here for us?

No, they are here with us. Now stay by my side and do not leave. Raise your mighty weapons for the enemy is upon us.

a new day

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